Donald Green Building, Roxbury, Massachusetts

The Donald Green Building in the Dudley Square Main Street District in Boston Massachusetts

Donald Green Building,
Dudley Square 
Roxbury, Massachusetts

Dudley Square in Boston is one of the city's oldest districts and was formerly the town of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Boston's neighborhoods are made up of many town squares like this. Dudley Square
is at the nexus of several city bus routes and a major bus rapid transit line.    

The Donald Green Building houses a law office on its second level and a department store at its ground level.
The two business owners' sign boards were outdated, faded, and did not meet the current sign code regulations. The Boston Main Streets program helps building owners with design assistance related to signage and store front renovations.

Graphically the new signboard includes the two business signs as well as prominantly featured street numbers . The business signs can be changed out as needed but the address indicators remain to aid in way finding in the district. 

Below the sign board located on the security gate cover, was proposed a decorative frieze element
of altered text elements rendered in laser routed mdf boards. This frieze will be painted to match the copper green color of the upper storey window surrounds. This was proposed to relieve the visual monotony of this part of the facade and to create new interest at the street level.  

Construction Documentation - Scope of work - Removal
Construction Documentation - Scope of work - New work
Construction Documentation - Sign board and decorative frieze
Sign board detail
Decorative frieze below sign board
Decorative frieze detail
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